1.Do you own a mobile industry?
A. No, we review devices from various mobile companies and avail them to you.
2. Do you sell mobile phones?
A. No, we personally don't sell phones on our site instead we affiliate with outstanding online markets readily availed to serve you.
3. Do you repair mobile phones?
A.We don't repair or do any upgrades. You also don't have the right to send us your mobile phone for any repairs or upgrades.
4. How can I contact you
A. Contact us on our website by sending us your message at contact us page or at the comment section, we'll be glad to receive your message and we promise to respond as fast as possible
5. How long would I wait for response after contacting you.
A. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
6. Your website lacks specifications for certain smartphone on your site.
A.Please contact us as soon as possible. We'll be happy for your feedback.
7.  Your website has a bug
A. Feel free to contact us immediately at office@91brands.com

Faqs about website usability
1. How can I find your home page link.
A. There's a visible button with home text which will direct you to our home page. If you cannot reach to home page visit https://91brands.com
2.  Is our website safe?
A. This is a general answer but we will break down into more specific targets with a view to explain your answer.
First of all our website is served with SSL certificate thus https unlike http only. With an SSL certificate your website is termed more safer and user friendly

Our website is 100% free from malware.

Our website may not offer false information or lure anyone to perform unnecessary clicks for a given amount of money. If any of our authors is busted, he/she must face the full consequences of the violation including ousting the individual from our website.

No user is also allowed to post links irrelevant to the content present on our website. Such links will be trashed and possible account  deactivation of the person involved.

There is no adult content would be present or allowed on our website  for the safety of children below 16 years.
Those are major pillars to protect the user however, you can visit our terms and conditions page and learn more

3.  How can I browse specific mobile phone on your website.
A. We are present on google.com however, if you want to search a mobile phone on our site kindly go to search button and input your query.

4. How can I view all X mobiles?
A. Go to our brands section or search for x mobile and after full x specifications appears, click on the top bar button with view all X devices .

5. How can I post my comment or opinion
A. It's is very easily like driving a Porsche car.All you need is to sign up for an account and after successful creation of your account, go to sign in  and log in. Go to your favorite listed mobile phone, tab on OPINIONS tab appearing on background blue color
Then send after inputting your comment and you are done.

6. How can I compare mobiles on your site
A. View your X mobile then tab on COMPARE button on blue background color, search for your another X mobile run compare command then view the comparisons.

7. How can I view prices and media?
A. You can see all listed tabs after reviewing x mobile. Just tab on prices or media buttons and view your results.

8. How can I share your website contact
A. Our websites sharing icons are visible on the viewed content. You just click on the icon and share to your favorite social media platform.

9.How can I report a bug.
A. Contact us at office@91brands.com