Samsung Galaxy m41 packs huge battery

Jul 07, 2020 Administrator News 130 hits

Samsung Galaxy m41 packs huge battery

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy M41 Update

One more teased device from Samsung industry not yet officially pronounced but anticipated to be Samsung Galaxy m41 packed with huge battery life.This happens after leaked report featuring top tier Samsung Galaxy note 20 last week. Amid this Corona virus pandemic, Samsung fraternity can be working underground featuring sturdy devices to enhance excellent company's reputation. The M41 flagship can be the predecessor of kindled M51 rumored to be on-table discussion but combed insight news veils it was put aside for a speculated period of time. The afore mentioned is depicted as the desert caravan powering a sturdy software counterpart , long lasting gaming console expected to be 6,800mah battery trailed by Exynos 9530 chipset. The main camera is expected to be 64 Megapixels at 2160p.We expect a full-toll information as soon as the space clears up.

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