Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
"We" , "Us"Our , "Administrator": refers to 91brands.com and
“User” or “You”: is  any person who access our site contributes through publishing, sharing, displaying or uploading information or views and includes other persons jointly participating in using the site.

Our terms takes an immediate effect to all users, contributors of our site and everyone who access any product and service on our site.

Terms and conditions refers to rules and regulations of our site (https://www.91brands.com) and each and every user who surfs at our website must bound whether registered or non registered user.
Our terms and conditions is based on accessing the  products and services,accessing listed  items from our site,user interaction, modifications of our products and services,User Comments,Age restriction, Feedback from us and third parties

Age Restriction
We sacrifice to secure all  children under the age of sixteen  so as to protect them wholly  when interacting with our site,therefore our site  has no restriction when it comes to age.We are very keen as to not regard  any porn videos,obscene photos or any of the sort to appear on our site  or  accept them on our  site either do we post them or any of the users under all circumstances.we respect each and every user who navigates to our site if you have any query you can reach to us by sending a short and brief message by hitting  the comment box  at the comment section.

You may log in after signing up to our site using your name and mail address if you want to comment on any page on our site or you want to partner with us as an author. We've Got No Jurisdiction to oblige any of our users unless otherwise stated.Each and every consumer on our site  is allowed to make suggestions ,give ideas , opinions and share our information via our available social media share buttons without any alteration.Any user is allowed to share our links referring to their friends with no violation unless otherwise stated.

Comment Moderation
Any user who  comments/post Unlawful,Libelous ,Offensive, Threatening, Obscene,vulgar language, Defamatory, Pornographic or Otherwise Objectionable violates this Terms Of Service.You may not be also  allowed to use false/fake email address, pretending to be someone else other than yourself or otherwise mislead us or third parties as to the origin of any comment.You are Solely responsible for any comment you make and their accuracy hence we assume no liability for any comments posted by you or any other third party.

Service and products, and certain contents found on our site  may include materials from third parties.Third party links may direct you  to third party websites that are or not affiliated with us,we are not responsible for any third party materials or for any other materials, products or services of third parties.
We are not liable for any harm/damages/ malfunctions  related to the purchase or use of goods , services, resources,contents or any other transaction made in Connection with any listed third party websites.Please review carefully the third parties policies and practices and make sure you understand them before you engage in any transaction,complaints,Claims,Concerns or questioning.Regarding third party products and services  should be directed to the responsible third party.

1.No user has the right to Insult,Harm, Abuse,Defame ,Slander,Offend,Mock,Intimidate,Disparage,Ridicle, Underestimate,Hate or Discriminate based on National origin,Race,Ethnicity,Age,Gender, disability,sexual orientation,Social class,Level of education, Hobbies,Talent,Knowledge or Religion.Whoever busted with above malpractices or any of the sort is held responsible.
2.None of our registered or non registered users is allowed to to post or submit false and misleading Information or Spam,Phish or post any Obscene or Immoral behaviour on our site
3.We STRICTLY DO NOT allow any adult content on our site or any of the sort or allow any users to post sexual related scenes/videos,photos,images or even Gif's
4.We may also not allow users who collect or track personal information of others within the interaction page on our site.
5.No one has the permission to use our information for unlawful purposes
6.We do not tolerate,agree,endure,grant,let,admit/allow any malicious code to be uploaded to our site at all cost
7.No One is Allowed to solicite Others

8.You are not allowed to violate any federal,provincial or state regulations,rules,laws or any local Ordinances
9.Infringement of our intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others

With the above stated rules we deserve the right to terminate your use of the service or any related website for violating any of the stated prohibition.

Feedback From Us
For any enquiry about listed products and services on our site, it should be directed on our  site and not from other undisguised platforms. All comments should be availed on the site, We will be there for you and if we delay exceeding more than 24 hours, we promise to get back to you.

1.Protect and safeguard you as the user (we make you feel safe,comfortable and restful when accessing any information from our site)
2.Protect our site services ,products, information and all its terms
3.Protect ourselves as well as you as the user of our site.
4. Protect our advertisers
5.Defend non users
6.Encrypt all personal information to avoid any form of leakage
7.Protect Third Parties
If you have any question regarding our site,feel free to contact us at any time for we promise not to scorn or spam you.
Note  that, our Terms And Conditions may subject to change maybe due to technical or none technical issues, therefore we urge you be up to date with the latest privacy and policy,contact us and terms and conditions.We may alert you via your mailing inbox if you are registered user or make an update or an announcement On our site.